Web Development Then Website Promotion

After Web Development Then Website Promotion is next. You cannot just have a well designed website these days in you wish to compete with dozens if not hundreds of local companies doing the same thing as you are. You must out shine them, out hustle theme, and yes out perform them to get and keep clients. You need hard and steady website promotion to get found in the search engines as well as on social media channels if you wish to do well in business online, whether you are in New York City or Los Angeles!


Website Promotion Is Important

Whether the website is for professional or personal use, you have some specific web development need. You, of course, wish to advertise and promote your products or services and what is the best way to do that? By hiring a professional and affordable web design company in New York, you can make sure that you will end up with an eye-popping site that not only looks magnificent, but is responsive and optimized for the search engines.

Why do I say this? Because your site has to be able to be viewed in all web browsers including mobile browsers. What about being optimized? Well, you also want your site to be optimized using the best SEO services available today including on-page content that uses the best keywords for your market, as well as off-page authority backlinks creation methods that get you found in the search engines

Web Development Team

our web design teamThe New York Web Development Team is given the job of assessing your company needs for your new web design project and afterwards, giving it a B12 shot! Website programming tools like XML, Perl, Flash, HTML, PHP, Flex sliders, Analytics, and Sitemaps may be implemented as well as shopping carts, live chat widgets, and galleries for pictures, videos or portfolios, depending on your needs.

You may also want to add a blog to create regular content to build brand loyalty and trust on the web, as well as showing measurable activity to the search engines. This last one is a must for getting indexed and ranked higher that local competition in the search results pages. So by adding a lot of features, portfolios, plugins for SEO and Social Media Marketing, this in effect is like giving your website a b12 shot or a boost that will get you noticed by potential customers and search engines alike.

Web design and web development go hand in hand when designing a new website. The design aspect is more about the overall look of the site whereas development covers mostly the back-end functionality, the part your visitors don’t see. We like to say it’s takes a lot of work on a website to make it look easy and functional.


Web Development Costs

Web Development Costs play a very big role how a finished site looks. Some top web design companies have a set budget while other don’t care and just want the best responsive website that money has to buy. There is server costs to consider and will have to be looked at if a site has a lot of traffic. An eCommerce site will need an SSL certificate for security purposes which adds to the cost as well as developing a fully functioning shopping cart and CMS login area adds to the cost if a company wants to sell products.


Web Management Services

So there are many factors to consider when developing a website. The domain name is usually minimal (around $25/year), the hosting is average and about $120/per year, and the maintenance and web management services are usually about $100-200/month if you are busy and need someone to look after your website.

Web management includes the website theme updates, plugins, and other content requirements, as well as affordable SEO services and Social Media Management and creation services. Talk it over with your web developer to make sure you are on the same page.

Once the website is finished and it looks awesome, then discuss how to get found in search engines, how to connect your social media channels to your website, how to create reviews, get citations, press release services, and testimonial creation services to build up brand trust on the web. This is a must if you wish to compete locally or globally within your chosen market for your keywords.


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