Understanding Web Development

If you want to start understanding Web development, then briefly is pertains to the creation of a website for the purpose of telling a story, relaying a message to the world, or selling products and services online. Some recent design projects for our web development company include e-commerce business solutions, web content development which includes articles and video, web design services, graphic design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and print media services.

Keeping Up With Web Design Trends

optimized website designWeb development is now one of the most rapidly evolving industries on the web. The evolution of the internet in the past ten years is being fueled by huge industries competing with each other to grab their piece of the pie. Every company, big or small, wants to promote their merchandise and services online in order to be successful and make a lot of money.

The web design and SEO Services industries are no different. We try to stay competitive with other web designers in New York, while keeping up with the latest marketing and design trends for web development, SEO, and especially Social Media Marketing.

We employ some of the top web designers and social media consultants to work with us to promote our customers products and services online through brand awareness and internet marketing, as well as using only the top website promotion services available. So when we say we can give your brand a b12 shot, we mean business!

Web Design Pricing

The price of web development and web hosting are very cost effective with B12shot.us, not to mention having a friendly and knowledgeable staff with 15+ years of web design experience with web design clients all over the United States and Canada.

Rather than spending a lot of cash on a an outsourced company in another country, which was the situation for many of our past clients, now you can work with a friendly and experienced local web design team to build or re-design your existing website. Minor website changes are fine with us. You many just want to boost your website in the search engines (SEO Services) or have us create a new logo or web store for your new line of products. It’s all good with B12 SHOT Web Design. Call anytime for a free website quote or website promotion and management services.

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

We have you covered when it comes to web hosting and domain name registration. Web hosting costs are under $100/year and sometimes is actually free depending on which web development package you choose. We have nearly a 100 % up-time with our cloud of servers with a dedicated ticketed support system should anything go wrong.


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