The short URL

On the web, SHORTER is BETTER.  A short url is more memorable to your customers and potential customers the a longer one.  Unfortunately the short .com domains are a thing of the past, nearly every combination of short url’s ( Universal Resource Locater’s ) or (Domain Names) have been snapped up years and years ago.  What is a person to do?  Well a great option would be to buy the domain that accurately describes your business – like:  https://www.BigRidgeOutdoorKitchens.com/shop  which is nicely descriptive of the business niche ( Outdoor Kitchens) and then use a short URL service like 2ca.nz Short URL’s   at this site you simply type in your existing URL and it will quickly shoot out a NEW short URL for you to use ( an alias URL ) this will be a short URL Like:  2ca.nz/21  ( click to follow it )  Not only is this much shorter and more manageable – it is MUCH easier to remember.  Services like 2ca.nz also offer a great way to track traffic and manage advertising campaigns because you can assign a different “short” url to each campaign.


Social media … is it worth the time?

Using a combination Social Media and Search Engine Optimization can give you greater brand recognition and increased sales on a smaller budget which means that your bottom line is sure to grow…. And the residual effects will last much longer then solely using a standard PPC advertising campaign.  Without a doubt it is worth the investment.  If you do not understand what it takes to build this infrastructure, then you should definitely seek out a social media marketing professional.


Mobile Apps

Lets face it – Mobile IS the future.  Right now over 60% of all web traffic is through mobile devices.  That number is only going to grow over the next few years as our mobile devices get faster, smaller and free from data caps.  Does your business have an app?  Why not?  If your business does not have an IOS/Android/Kindle or other mobile app then you are simply going to fall behind the curve.  Look at some of the largest companies in the world if you have any question at all in your mind. Companies Like Paypal , Amazon , and UBER all have their apps right on the most expensive piece of real estate that they own – the front page of their website.  You do not have to be a technical genius to have an app of your own!  Heck you dont even have to know how to program/code/design – There is an App Builder out there named App Builder Plus  that allows ANY ONE to simply drag and drop their information and pictures etc. into hundreds of different apps in order to custom build their very own application.  Not only that but you can also “push” ads or information to anyone who has downloaded your app from the app store, google play, your website etc..  Now there is no reason not to have your own app!