About Us

“I like to think of this as a partnership. If you aren’t successful, we at B12 SHOT Web Design aren’t successful, it’s as simple as that!”


B12 Web Design focuses not only on the web development of your site, but are very experienced internet and social media marketing experts as well. They are one of the most cost effective and experienced web design companies in New York that want only the best quality for their clients. We are here to give your newly created website a “B12 Shot” by boosting web presence not only to search engines, but to put it right in front of potential future customers as well.


Web Design Services

We have the following web management, SEO and social media marketing services available for you to choose from when we have finishing building your website.

  • website design

  • web hosting

  • domain name registration

  • social media account creation and management

  • online marketing

  • internet marketing

  • SEO web optimization

  • logo design

  • link building

  • article writing and distribution

  • press release writing and distribution

  • video testimonial services

We can build all types of websites from personal to eCommerce web store. Most of the sites we have built lately for our US and Canada customers have been customized to suit the needs of each website owner, so no two sites we build are alike.


Effective Web Marketing of Your Website

Effective marketing of your website is key to becoming a successful business on the internet especially with the amount of competition in all markets these days. Whether you need SEO Services, Internet Marketing or Social Marketing, we are here to help you build your brand online. It may take weeks or months to reach the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) for your market and keywords, but if you plan everything out carefully and use an established and experienced web design company, you may find that you are reaching your goals in half the time.


Full Services and Support

The support after the website build is really what counts as the team will often offer a valuable web management package to those who are too busy to look after the site themselves. There are so many think of from creating articles on the website blog to keep the site active, to on-page SEO that, if done right, will get you found for your keywords in major search engines including Google. Other major services to think about are the social media management element. After creating articles/posts on your site you will want to share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to build a target audience.


Easy CMS Management (Content Management)

Each website that we have developed comes with an easy to use CMS system (content management system) so you can login and make changes or just to post your articles regarding services or products you may wish to advertise on a weekly/monthly basis. If you are unsure on how to use the CMS admin side, we will provide free basic training on everything you may need to know for as long as you need it. Whether you need a simple informational website or a fully functioning e-commerce website to sell your products online,  our B12Shot Web Design Company will manage all steps from start to finish.